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Breast Reduction in India – Three Things You Should Know

breast reductionBreast reduction surgery is performed for removing excess breast tissues and skin for enhancing appearance of breast in proportion with your body and for alleviating the discomfort and uneasiness with overly large size of breasts.  During this surgical procedure, breast tissue and skin is removed, the nipple is repositioned by the surgeon higher on the breast. In the last few years, breast reduction in India has gained immense popularity because of the several advantages it offers.

For those of you who are considering breast reduction surgery should be aware of some important facts. Reading further would help you prepare for a consultation with the surgeon in a much better way.

Will there be scars after surgery?

Scars appear after most surgeries; however it is important for you to understand where scars after this surgery would appear. Usually scars appear around the nipple, right down to the fold below the breast and in fold itself. They resemble to the shape of an anchor or a keyhole. They are inconspicuous and you can easily cover them with clothing.  However, these scars will be visible when your breasts are not covered.

Is there any possibility of losing feelings in nipple?

Although it happens very rarely, complete loss of sensation in nipple occurs because of nerve injury. There is very possibility that it might interfere with breast feeding and sexual arousal. Approximately ten to fifteen percent of patients who undergo this surgery experience change in breast feeling. This might also include loss of sensation in nipple.

Just like any other surgery, there are risks associated with this surgical procedure as well.  Skin loss, bleeding, poor healing, changes in skin sensation, infection and abnormal scarring are some risks associated with this procedure.  The positive aspect is that most of these problems can be rectified with additional surgery.

Is there any age limitation to undergo breast reduction in India?

Given that development of breast development can continue even in early twenties, surgery performed before this time might have to be repeated. Also adjusting to surgery is difficult in the teen years.

Make sure that you gather as much information as possible about breast reduction surgery before visiting the best breast reduction surgeon. Success of this procedure, to a great extent, depends on the experience and expertise of the surgeon. Also, the best way to find out about the breast reduction cost is to seek an appointment with a board certified surgeon who is qualified and trained to perform such a surgery.