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Gynecomastia Treatment for Men’s Breast Reduction

male breast reductionMen usually feel pride to have a mescaline body structure with all the body parts in appropriate proportion. However some men have their breasts grown a bit extra that becomes a major obstacle to have the manly shape of the body. They feel ashamed to take out their shirts and stay away from the activities that need to do so.

In order to reduce the size and shape of men’s breasts cosmetic surgeons perform gynecomastia treatment. By this surgery it is possible to remove fat deposits from men’s breasts and if some men have areola facing downwards, it can also be displaced to the correct upward position as a part of this treatment.

Surgical Procedure:

  • Gynecomastia treatment surgeon designs the procedure according to the thorough diagnosis of each patient before the surgery. As per the area and amount of fat depositions to be removed they plan the process by deciding the points of extraction and method of extraction of fat.
  • This surgery requires administering general anesthesia to make the patient drowsy and insensitive for pains during the surgery.
  • Surgeon takes number of smaller incisions around areola.
  • They follow the procedure of liposuction. For this, they insert thin hollow tubes called cannula and use a large syringe or a suction pump to remove fat deposits.
  • Cannula is moved to and fro in a controlled way to loosen the fat deposits. Other methods that are used for similar purpose are laser and ultrasonic sound frequencies.
  • In case if the amount of fat to be removed and excessive skin are more, surgeons use another method for this treatment. This technique is known as tissue excision. Surgeons take incisions along the edges of areola or within the natural creases of chest so that the scars can be hidden behind the natural contour of chest after surgery. This method allows surgeons to remove more fat deposits and glandular tissues. They can also relocate the areola in much upward position to have a natural profile for men’s breasts.

Thus men can get a flatter and firmer chest by removing excess fat and correcting the position of areola.