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Gynecomastia Treatment Recovery

GYNECOMASTIA treatmentGynecomastia treatment is one of the most common procedures for treating enlarged breasts in males. There are many men who develop excessively large breast size. If you are considering undergoing this procedure then you should know about the recover after the procedure.

Once the surgery is performed, bandages or dressings would be applied to your incisions and a support garment or elastic bandage might be used for minimizing swelling and bruising and rendering support to your new chest contour.  A thin and small tube might be inserted under the skin for draining any excess fluid or blood which might accumulate after the surgery.

A patient is given instruction regarding taking care of the surgical area and drains and medicines for taking orally or applying orally for reducing the chances of developing potential infection and aid in quick healing.   You will also be suggested when you have to visit the surgeon for a follow-up checkup.  Make sure that you ask your gynecomastia treatment surgeon some particular questions about changes that you will be experiencing during the time of recovery.  Listed below are some of these questions;

  • When do I have to visit for the follow-up care?
  • Will I have bandages or dressings after the procedure?
  • When would bandages or dressings would be removed?
  • Do ask about the medications which will be prescribed after the surgery?
  • When can I resume daily and normal activities?

Adhering to the instructions given by the surgeon is extremely important for better and quick recovery. Do not skip any of your follow-up visits. As far as results of the male breast reduction surgery are considered, they are permanent in most cases.

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